Sunday, February 26, 2012

A vacay filled with Lazy Sundays

Another Lazy Sunday is here. The sweet thing this week though is that I'm on vacay so I have a beautiful 10 days worth of "Lazy Sundays" to enjoy, play with and just do as I'd like. Although day 1 was filled with the dizzying energy that only little ones can fill you with(and undoubtedly the dizzying tiredness that follows!). Celebrating my nephew's 3rd birthday at one of those massive indoor playgrounds complete with fizzy drinks and birthday cake! Followed up with hanging out with the nephew and niece and an under the weather sister. All in all it was a pretty great day filled with laughter and great amounts of sugar.
Now on day 2 which actually is a Sunday, and still nursing a never ending cold, I managed to venture out to get my addiction filled, latte of course, and a bit of breakfast to be consumed back home while indulging in one of my favorite things... fashion magazines! I being a good little Canadian fashionista have opted to devour some great Canadian fashion magazines: Flare Canada and Elle Canada. These have been waiting patiently for me over the last 5 days to be flipped through, read thouroughly, image critiqued and mostly likely, product obsessing. (ignore date on pic, my camera is old and not willing to cooperate all the time!)

Also on the visual stimulation page today... 3 of my favourite blogs (see the bottom of this post for their addresses). In the past, I really didn't get blogs... or more I wasn't captured by them. That all changed when I happened upon This is Glamourous. That blog is most possibly the prettiest blog I have ever seen. And I like pretty things, so I'm now quite an avid fan. This blog lead me to find 2 others that now make it onto my daily internet looky-see.
Wishing you a lovely Lazy Sunday and week ahead...

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What's your internet indulgence?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Running less than 100% - it happens

Nothing says Lazy Sunday like a vanilla latte and a warmed up extra large cinnamon bun. In my planning of pretending that I'm running at 100%(which in reality I am not) on this Sunday, I ventured out to my little local cafe to indulge in some comfort food and wrting... which then ultimately lead me to go straight home and have a little lie down on my love seat. Totally worth it for that 45 minutes of feeling closer to normal than I have in days. Silver lining- I now get to have some guilt free TV time! Even when not feeling 100% one can find something to indulge in.

What’s your less than 100% day indulgence?