Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 5 - July 5, 2012 - Cake Stand

Today I went with a cake stand as a lot of my upcoming pins involve baking, thought I'd have something to actually put them on! 
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Original site this is from

So this is a mini version. My place is small so it really is the perfect side... also flipped the "plate" the other way as I was afraid I wouldn't be able to slide the cake on... or more importantly get the cake off of it easily with the lip there. (although it will have to be a mini cake, or cupcakes, as I think a standard sized cake will not fit on my mini-cakes stand... I'm ok with that!) So it looks like a bit of a mushroom...heehee...but it matches my candy dish! 

Verdict: Super easy. Although I glued before painting.... lesson learned, especially if not using a spray paint (which I wasn't)! Next time I'll paint then glue! Also use a clear shellack stuff  if you are putting food directly on it... or just use a doily if you don't have any of that stuff. I'm not sure if I'm done painting, I think I need to pep it up... so I will be using a doily for now. Thrilled as now I will have something to showcase my forthcoming baking items!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 4 - July 4, 2012 - Green Beans

So I'm feeling kinda lazy today (as the sun has FINALLY peeked out) and I had green beans in my fridge... so I went with that.

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As I said... I was lazy, these were handy... and they satisfied the taste buds... I do think I may have over cooked them a bit...but the cheese covered up any burned taste that may have been there... I did use marble cheese instead of Parmesan cheese as that is what I had in my fridge. Bon Appetite!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 3 - July 3, 2012 - Candy Dish "Machine"

Who doesn't like candy? I know I do... I consider it one of my daily food groups. I should probably rethink that...nah!
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Check my 365 board on Pinterest for the pinner I pinned it from

Original Pin site:
Hm! It's all in Spanish... seriously 3 days in and I have yet to pick a pin that originates from an actual craft site... although this one could be and I just don't know it... Spanish is not a language I know. Si?

I liked the look of this. Super fun looking and the options are endless of what it could be used for.. such as a mini chocolate bar dish. I knew I could find the supplies I needed, although there are slight differences and some adjustments needed to be made to accommodate the slight difference... but I can roll with that!

Now to reveal all truth here, I did start this ahead of today. There was painting, which required dry time... and glueing, which also required dry time. But today is the day I put all the finishing touches on it (and candy in it). And yes.. I did start with mini chocolate bars... but I ate them. So candy it is! The slight difference in the glass top required me to add a small round cardboard cut out (painted out the same colour). This gave my base a bit more stability.

Twist: Kept pretty much to what the muse was (besides the change of glass top, more room for candy) and I used 1/2 wooden beads... and I used Wellbond glue.. super simple to use and it holds! I think this could be used for all sorts of things. I also decided not to use the bow as I found it cluttered it up... I like the simple clean lines of it this way... I did try a bow... it looked wrong. Hmmm... ok, maybe I kept nothing the same but the basic guideline of materials! 
Other uses besides candy:
Change - such as our now defunct pennies, what else are you going to do with them... make a copper floor in your kitchen?...Although if you want to do that, apparently can be done, I saw it on Pinterest.
Flowers - always lovely to have in your home.
Cookies - I will be making some at a later date- and will use this to store them in (if I don't eat them all first!)
Mini-Chocolate bars... oh, wait, yup already mentioned that... I must feel strongly about using it this way.

Verdict: No surprise that friends will be receiving this as a gift... they should probably put in their colour requests now. Pretty simple to put together as long a you don't mind painting and waiting. I like it and will probably make it again in the future.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 2 - July 2, 2012 - Kidlet Monday - Banana Sushi

Welcome to Kidlet Mondays!
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The first pin for Kidlet Monday is BANANA SUSHI! The website this came from... ummm... I don't think it actually came from there... some sort of Ad site... and not a picture of a banana to be seen! As the directions were in the description area all is ok!

Every Monday I get the sheer pleasure of hanging out with my nephew, Dominic, and niece, Isabella, along with my sister. But I've decided to gear Monday's towards things for the kids to be involved with. Being 3.5 and almost 16 months respectively, they are in need of keeping busy, if only for our sanity!


The artistic "After" pic (the last one) is courtesy of Dominic, age 3, he's a bit taken with taking photos... especially of cupboard idea why.

Our twist... we used Nutella as well as the peanut butter. I'm sure pretty any spread that goes with bananas would be perfectly delicious! We also used tortilla shells instead of bread.

Verdict: Well, it was messy, which delighted Isabella... as she saw fit to deconstruct her roll. Dominic waited patiently until it was at least rolled to take a huge bite out of it...  but I think it went well, and it was easy for the kids to get involved in making it...Oh, and it was delicious!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 1 - July 1, 2012 - Sparkler Place Settings

Hello day 1...and so it begins!
Since I believe today is definitely a day to use sparklers and before I go build myself a 2 storied crafter's studio on my apartment balcony... I thought I'd ease into this journey.

I find it interesting when I actually click to the site and find what it is... a newspaper, who would have thunk it! Although appropriate this came from a Canadian Newspaper.

Pin Muse
If you'd like to see whom I pinned it from, feel free to drop by my 365 board on Pinterest... as I have no idea if I can use people's names without their permission! (me thinks not!)

So this is a simple little pin to start off with... but it can be used in several different event situations (as I do believe every special occasion could use a bit of sparkle(r)! I'm gearing mine towards the birthday of my country. Happy Birthday, Canada! No idea how old you are but you're looking fine! And to wedding showers, which makes perfect sense now that the majority of me being in them is behind me (I work a little backwards in my life... Pinterest would have been very handy when I was Maid of Honor in 3 (oh ya, 3) weddings within a 5 month period.)

Canada Day

Bridal Shower

My Twist: Added a bit more bling for the Canada Day in the form of a reflective sticker. (I like bling) Also could use for Bridal Shower(shown.. tag is a little hole punch dress) and I wrapped the bottoms of the sparkler with ribbon. I've also had these napkins for a bit and really wanted a reason to use them. I also did away with the plastic bag, I really couldn't figure out the reason for it and so I did without!

Other Sparkler worthy occasions:
Baby Shower
Oscar's Party 
New Year's
Because it's Wednesday (I think it's a good reason.)

Verdict: I like it... and if I ever throw a dinner party of any sort these are going to be made! Even if it's a dinner party of one on a Wednesday (ha, it seems Wednesday is a sparkler worthy day!)