Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 3 - July 3, 2012 - Candy Dish "Machine"

Who doesn't like candy? I know I do... I consider it one of my daily food groups. I should probably rethink that...nah!
Pin Muse
Check my 365 board on Pinterest for the pinner I pinned it from

Original Pin site: http://www.blog.geckostickers.com.br/2012/05/crie-seu-proprio-baleiro.html
Hm! It's all in Spanish... seriously 3 days in and I have yet to pick a pin that originates from an actual craft site... although this one could be and I just don't know it... Spanish is not a language I know. Si?

I liked the look of this. Super fun looking and the options are endless of what it could be used for.. such as a mini chocolate bar dish. I knew I could find the supplies I needed, although there are slight differences and some adjustments needed to be made to accommodate the slight difference... but I can roll with that!

Now to reveal all truth here, I did start this ahead of today. There was painting, which required dry time... and glueing, which also required dry time. But today is the day I put all the finishing touches on it (and candy in it). And yes.. I did start with mini chocolate bars... but I ate them. So candy it is! The slight difference in the glass top required me to add a small round cardboard cut out (painted out the same colour). This gave my base a bit more stability.

Twist: Kept pretty much to what the muse was (besides the change of glass top, more room for candy) and I used 1/2 wooden beads... and I used Wellbond glue.. super simple to use and it holds! I think this could be used for all sorts of things. I also decided not to use the bow as I found it cluttered it up... I like the simple clean lines of it this way... I did try a bow... it looked wrong. Hmmm... ok, maybe I kept nothing the same but the basic guideline of materials! 
Other uses besides candy:
Change - such as our now defunct pennies, what else are you going to do with them... make a copper floor in your kitchen?...Although if you want to do that, apparently can be done, I saw it on Pinterest.
Flowers - always lovely to have in your home.
Cookies - I will be making some at a later date- and will use this to store them in (if I don't eat them all first!)
Mini-Chocolate bars... oh, wait, yup already mentioned that... I must feel strongly about using it this way.

Verdict: No surprise that friends will be receiving this as a gift... they should probably put in their colour requests now. Pretty simple to put together as long a you don't mind painting and waiting. I like it and will probably make it again in the future.

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