Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 1 - July 1, 2012 - Sparkler Place Settings

Hello day 1...and so it begins!
Since I believe today is definitely a day to use sparklers and before I go build myself a 2 storied crafter's studio on my apartment balcony... I thought I'd ease into this journey.

I find it interesting when I actually click to the site and find what it is... a newspaper, who would have thunk it! Although appropriate this came from a Canadian Newspaper.

Pin Muse
If you'd like to see whom I pinned it from, feel free to drop by my 365 board on Pinterest... as I have no idea if I can use people's names without their permission! (me thinks not!)

So this is a simple little pin to start off with... but it can be used in several different event situations (as I do believe every special occasion could use a bit of sparkle(r)! I'm gearing mine towards the birthday of my country. Happy Birthday, Canada! No idea how old you are but you're looking fine! And to wedding showers, which makes perfect sense now that the majority of me being in them is behind me (I work a little backwards in my life... Pinterest would have been very handy when I was Maid of Honor in 3 (oh ya, 3) weddings within a 5 month period.)

Canada Day

Bridal Shower

My Twist: Added a bit more bling for the Canada Day in the form of a reflective sticker. (I like bling) Also could use for Bridal Shower(shown.. tag is a little hole punch dress) and I wrapped the bottoms of the sparkler with ribbon. I've also had these napkins for a bit and really wanted a reason to use them. I also did away with the plastic bag, I really couldn't figure out the reason for it and so I did without!

Other Sparkler worthy occasions:
Baby Shower
Oscar's Party 
New Year's
Because it's Wednesday (I think it's a good reason.)

Verdict: I like it... and if I ever throw a dinner party of any sort these are going to be made! Even if it's a dinner party of one on a Wednesday (ha, it seems Wednesday is a sparkler worthy day!)

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