Saturday, June 23, 2012

Welcome to the countdown!

In 8 days I'll be embarking on an adventure... fueled by my Pinterest obsession. Why? Why you ask! It all came from a comment I made one day at work "If I took all the time I spent on Pinterest, actually doing the things I've been pinning... I'd have a lot of stuff done". Later the next day as I lazed about on my dwarf couch and scanning my brain for what to do... what are my goals...what should I blog about... the latest shoes I wanted (a lot goes through my brain at one time) It came to me...or more fought it's way through the other thoughts to the surface waving it's little thought hand screaming, "pick me pick me"... Create the things you are pinning. 
And so my (in)sane brain decided to set the goal for one year, 365 days until June 30, 2013, through rain, snow... possibly sun if it ever decides to come out and play... On trips, in groups, on my own... I will recreate something I've pinned from Pinterest every single day.
Some things that should be known about me... I don't cook, I have small motor skill issues and I have the attention span of a tiny bug  (assuming that tiny bug has a very short attention span). That being said... I will be cooking... I will be doing crafts... and I will do 1 new thing everyday (if it ends up edible or pretty, total bonus!)
So in 8 days, every day, for a year I will do one thing from Pinterest. It may be a craft, a food dish, a drink or a hairstyle. Or I may go about recreating a picture that I find particularly fetching (although where I will find a pug that sits on a horse, I have no idea!) It may differ a bit (well, ya, I have to put my own spin on some things!) but it will be my muse... my muse to kick my butt into gear.
So this is my goal... my adventure! I’m pleased to have you as company.
So check back every day starting July 1 (the birthday for my country) for what I chose… how I did it and how it actually turned out (I mentioned I don't cook, so the food ones should be interesting!) I welcome any suggestions on what I should do... as I only have 70 pins on my vision board... and that ain't no 365! And love to hear if you tried any of them and how they turned out for you! See you in T-minus 8 days!

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