Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Proverbial butt kicks with a side of latte!

As per who I am, this blog will undoubtedly undergo many changes. Which I'm working on now. At the moment it is as if this blog was about my life and the places I drink lattes, which is definitely not what I intended! In keeping with that theme, though, here is one last latte lovely pic until I can figure out what in the world I'm doing here! ;D Maybe next week I'll post about champagne... or how much I consumed on my birthday... either or should be an interesting story, whether it's true or not, well that will be up for debate!

{Truthfully this wasn't a lazy Sunday... this was a Tuesday and it involved a proverbial butt kick for me and a friend... and of course that would mean lattes were involved!}

See you soon!

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