Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 2 - July 2, 2012 - Kidlet Monday - Banana Sushi

Welcome to Kidlet Mondays!
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The first pin for Kidlet Monday is BANANA SUSHI! The website this came from... ummm... I don't think it actually came from there... some sort of Ad site... and not a picture of a banana to be seen! As the directions were in the description area all is ok!

Every Monday I get the sheer pleasure of hanging out with my nephew, Dominic, and niece, Isabella, along with my sister. But I've decided to gear Monday's towards things for the kids to be involved with. Being 3.5 and almost 16 months respectively, they are in need of keeping busy, if only for our sanity!


The artistic "After" pic (the last one) is courtesy of Dominic, age 3, he's a bit taken with taking photos... especially of cupboard idea why.

Our twist... we used Nutella as well as the peanut butter. I'm sure pretty any spread that goes with bananas would be perfectly delicious! We also used tortilla shells instead of bread.

Verdict: Well, it was messy, which delighted Isabella... as she saw fit to deconstruct her roll. Dominic waited patiently until it was at least rolled to take a huge bite out of it...  but I think it went well, and it was easy for the kids to get involved in making it...Oh, and it was delicious!

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