Sunday, June 1, 2014

A lovely birthday weekend

I think I’ve started a new tradition with myself... making my own birthday cake. I figure this way I’ll get exactly what I want (chocolate! Always chocolate!) and be able to be all smug in that “ya, I made it” kind of way. This year I was inspired by an Instagram photo by Lauren Conrad, zipped to her web page and found out how. Just a side note: Lauren Conrad’s site and her Instagram account is FILLED with pretty things. LOVE. IT!
I didn’t have a professional baker or any of the tools on hand so I just winged it with what I had... which was cardboard, wax paper and store bought icing. This beauty cost me a whole of 297 pennies... actually less, as I still have cake crumbles in my freezer for more cake bubbles... I’m sorry, I just think the word balls is too crass for these yummy PeanutButter&Chocolate covered in pink deliciousness... I’ve decided to coin the term cake bubbles... you heard it here first! And even though it is not well, Lauren Conrad pretty... it’s MY pretty and in my world, that’s all that counts!

A date with friends to have our hard working tootsies pampered ended with our fabulous toes! Pedicures are truly my guilty pleasure... without the guilt! As we sat in our massaging chairs and caught up with each others lives with fun chit-chat, we found we could not leave until we had seen the marriage proposal scene between Jennifer Aniston & Ben Affleck's characters in "He's Just Not That Into You". It was truly a girly kind of day!
A whole lot of pretty rolled up into one picture... a latte, New York, Paris and chocolate from my favourite local chocolate cafe. It was a perfect Sunday morning... even thought the rain just came down in sheets, I thought it was the perfect excuse to stay in pj’s and just enjoy the moment that it was. Delicious! And yes, I did eat the whole box that day... I have no will power when it comes to chocolate... and numerous chocolate eating stories to prove it!
My actual birthday. The sun was out and I ate free at Denny's. I consider that a pretty great day!

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