Sunday, June 1, 2014

New York... The Big Apple... The City that never sleeps... ya, THAT New York

A little over a year ago, I took my first trip to New York. This is a trip I had been dreaming about for years. After several attempts of planning it, and then those plans being cancelled, I received a call in early April at the not so pretty hour of 7:30am from my Dad asking if I wanted to go along with them. My response?
"You better not be screwing with me Dad."
He wasn't. So off we went days before my 40th birthday; my Dad, step-mom (Maureen), my friend (Tracy) & me! Although, it was EXTREMELY overwhelming (I love to walk, but that was a bit much even for me!) and both Tracy and I, having a sudden break from the stresses of work, both suffered a bit from our bodies breaking down (a follow up story for another time!), I felt like I was constantly in a dream. A big, noisy, bustling, glorious dream! I loved every minute I was there! Even the rain, hello it was Big Apple rain, how could I not?
Lovely flowers from my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece awaited my arrival in NYC. My sister rocks!

          My pretty thing I call Dad. He looks like he fits right in!         It's like it was waiting just for me to pass by!
Most expensive martini ever... in the history of ever... I enjoyed every single drop!
     Stuck in a bookstore, with a latte, while it down poured                         Riding around Central Park
                                      ... all was good in my world!                                  ... my Dad kicked my butt! Maureen kicked us both!
                    Doing one of the hundreds of bus tours                   Took this on a night stroll near our hotel
                                      ... sun was out, but it was freezing!                         ...that was the moment I knew I was in NYC!
I think this shot is in every movie that involves NYC                 This was my favourite spot! So happy when I finally found it
             ...I am not one to pass up a movie moment photo op!                        ... Went back the next morning to sit and drink a latte on the steps. Heaven!
Long story on how it happened, but we had the best seats in the house. My first Broadway show and I loved it!

I think the most humourous moment was on the first day we arrived, the very first store Tracy and I went to... FAO Schwarz... we perused the Barbie section for far too long considering our age! I was thrilled and slightly peeved I could not take everything home with me! I can't help it, I love Barbie!!!

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