Monday, August 18, 2014

Nails... glorious nails!

After a few years (ok, a few decades) of trying to fit into the latest trends and colours of nail polishes and never wearing them after the initial test (although I hung onto them for dear life years past there wear before date, for who knows what reason)... I have conceded I'm not that adventurous with my manicure colours. (now my pedicures... bright pink all the way!) I'm ok with that, considering I don't wear neon any longer (I barely wore it in the 80s when it was socially acceptable) in any shape or form. I have had to come to terms that I'm a pretty simple(-ish) gal that sticks to her tried and true neutral like colours (and glitter, you can never go wrong with glitter!) I may switch it up with different versions of these colours (so daring, I know!) but at this time these are what I'm loving.

Sally Hansen's Shell We Dance is my go-to nail colour for the spring and summer. Light enough to be a neutral, no matter how many coats you swipe on. I almost whimper when I realize I'm down to my last strokes with this one.
For a little more pop and swagger I pair it with Essie's A Cut Above... Whether it's a top coat on just one nail or on all my nails... actually I pair the glitter with pretty much anything I can. It adds pep to my step and a gives me a little shine to my day.

Essie's Chinchilly is that must have grey-ish/brown-ish neutral with a slight purple-ish undertone... I know, that WAS some pretty technical speak there! It warms up your nail colour without being too in your face and pretty much goes with anything. I recently did this colour (I was doing a fall photoshoot, otherwise I'd be wearing pink!) with just the tips in the A Cut Above, that way I alwayas have glitter at my fingertips, even if I'm just doing the dishes!

I'll throw in some black into the mix every once in a while when I'm feeling a bit edgy... and when my nails have decided to be short, I think the colour acts as a sort of camouflage to the shortness of them... nobody has said different so that's what I'm going with!

What's your favourite go-to colours for the different seasons? Are you a dare to wear or a tried and trusted kind of nail gal?

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